Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Moment of Pause

A few weeks ago I wrote a gushy post about Kim John Payne's Simplicity Parenting. One of the things he recommends for a harmonious family life is establishing intervals of calm and connection in your day. I was delighted to read this, as it strengthened my belief in the importance of these moments, whether you have a family or not.

In our family, these little slowing down moments are 'Quiet Time' and to us, they are sacred.

At around 10 am and again after lunch, we all sit down in our living room with a drink (and usually a biscuit) and do something quietly for at least twenty minutes or so. In the morning, this is an echo of my son's former nap time and it's also round about when my husband and I are in need of a coffee. In the afternoon, it's time to digest after lunch and when my youngest is sleeping. 

The importance of having a rest is hardly groundbreaking, but I think it's really important to stop and be still for a little while. With two energetic small boys and a job, some days can feel like a constant rush, but having these moments keeps me centred and calm. 

Yesterday after I'd made coffee, I was still in the kitchen chatting to my husband. My youngest was tugging frantically at my trousers so I followed him to where he was trying to move me to. He dragged me to the couch and patted it. I realised that he knew it was Quiet Time and was cross that I wasn't sitting down. Quite right! I love that, at 18 months, he clearly recognises and appreciates our little routines.

This afternoon for a little while my house was completely silent: I was writing, J was reading, little L was asleep and 4 year old F was painting. It was blissful.

If you don't already, I really recommend incorporating some moments of pause and reflection into your day too. It's free and soul-nourishing and a real simple pleasure.

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