Saturday, 12 May 2012

Giving thanks

 Today I'm thankful wonderful oldest son F who turned 4 on Friday. He made me a mother and changed my life forever. I love how he's growing and learning and he amazes me every day. This week's best quote was,

 "I can cycle faster than the brain can think"

Amazing :)

I'm thankful for kind friends who celebrated his birthday with us and didn't mind that the birthday cake was dropped not just once...but twice.

I'm thankful for my toddler L who, despite waking me at up 6am, has been making me laugh and showing off his new words. He's also given me my morning exercise chasing him around the house.

Right now I'm also very thankful for my lovely husband who has taken them outside for a play so that I can have a coffee and catch my breath!

I'm thinking of my baby sister hard at work in a cupcake cafe in Hobart, Tazmania. Today is Australian Mother's Day and she's spent all week writing "I love you Mummy" and similar on cakes. Having so recently lost our Mum, I can't imagine how raw that must feel...but I know how brave she is and I know she'll be doing it with a smile on her face and she'll be just lovely to all her customers.

What or who is making your day special?

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